Silver Drops to $27.90, Retreats from $28.53 High

Silver Drops to $27.90, Retreats from $28.53 High

Quick Look

Silver prices dropped from $28.53 to $27.90, affected by U.S. rate hike expectations.
Persistent U.S. inflation at three-point-five per cent (3.5%) year-on-year; rate cuts now unlikely until September.
Upcoming U.S. economic data, especially the Core Producer Price Index (PPI), is critical to the Federal Reserve’s decisions.
Technical analysis shows resistance at $29.06 and support at $27.53, with a pivot at $28.50.

Silver prices have recently experienced a modest decline, retreating from a three-year high of $28.53 to around $27.90. This pullback appears to be a direct response to the market’s reassessment of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s (FED) likely path on interest rates. The latest U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for March showed a persistent inflationary trend, with year-on-year figures climbing to three-point-five per cent (3.5%) and monthly figures at zero-point-four per cent (0.4%). This hotter-than-expected inflation data has reinforced expectations that the FED may maintain higher interest rates for a longer duration. Initially, markets hoped for rate cuts as early as June; however, projections have now shifted, indicating a more likely timeline extending to September, as per the CME FedWatch Tool.

The Interplay of Industrial Demand and Safe-Haven Appeal

Silver’s unique position in the market stems not only from its industrial applications but also from its status as a safe-haven asset, especially during geopolitical tensions such as those currently unfolding in the Middle East. This dual role supports silver prices, providing a cushion against more significant drops. However, the increased appeal of rising yields on interest-bearing assets poses a challenge to silver’s attractiveness as an investment. Investors are closely watching the forthcoming U.S. economic data, particularly the Core Producer Price Index (PPI) for March, which is expected to show a slight decrease to zero-point-two percent (0.2%) month-over-month from the previous zero-point-three percent (0.3%). The outcome of this data will be pivotal in shaping the FED’s policy direction, with the market also gearing up for key insights from upcoming speeches by Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members.

Technical Analysis of Silver and Future Outlook

From a technical standpoint, silver is currently hovering around $27.90, showing minimal change following a previous session drop of zero-point-seven-eight percent (0.78%). The market’s technical pivot point is at $28.50, which will be critical in determining the future direction of silver prices. Resistance levels are identified at $29.06, $29.57, and $30.26, marking potential barriers for upward price movements. Conversely, immediate support for silver is seen at $27.53, with more robust support levels at $26.20 and $26.43. The fifty-day and two-hundred-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs), positioned at $24.88 and $23.70 respectively, suggest a bearish outlook below the pivot point. However, a breakout above $28.50 could signal a shift towards a bullish market outlook. Market participants are also watching Fibonacci retracement levels, suggesting that a drop below $27.52 could lead to further declines towards the $26.91 area.

The interplay between economic indicators and market sentiment will be crucial in forecasting the future trajectory of silver prices. Investors and traders alike will need to stay attuned to macroeconomic developments and policy cues from central banks to make informed decisions in the silver market.

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