Marianne Williamson returns to presidential race, saying Biden is vulnerable against Trump

Self-help guru Marianne Williamson returned to the 2024 presidential race on Wednesday, just weeks after announcing the suspension of her campaign.

Williamson made the announcement in a video statement on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Williamson said she returned to the race because she feels President Biden is a vulnerable candidate to put up against former President Donald Trump.

‘As of today, I am unsuspending my campaign for the presidency of the United States,’ Williamson said. ‘I had suspended it because I was losing the horse race. But something so much more important than the horse race is at stake here, and we must respond.’

‘Right now, we have a fascist standing at the door. Everybody’s all upset about it. Well, we should be upset about it. But we’re not going to defeat the fascist by – well, by what? What is President Biden offering?’ she asked. ‘What is he saying beyond, ‘You know, the economy is doing really well.’?’

‘We’re still in this. Let’s do this. This is serious,’ she added. ‘We need to say to the American people, ‘we see your pain,’ and we need to say to Donald Trump, ‘we see your B.S.’’

Williamson originally suspended her campaign on Feb. 7, dropping out of the race without making an endorsement.

Williamson first ran for president in 2019 – also against Biden and a slew of other Democrats – and announced in early 2023 that she would be challenging the president again in 2024.

Williamson was one of two prominent Democratic candidates who have attempted to challenge Biden’s re-election. Along with her is Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., who has blasted the Democratic Party for refusing to consider alternatives to Biden.

Fox News’ Houston Keene contributed to this report

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