Boil stock price, news and predictions – Find it all here!

Boil stock price, news and predictions – Find it all here!

Have you ever wondered what is the boil stock price at the moment? What news, predictions and advice can you get from experienced professionals in this industry? 

Is the boil stock price prediction worth knowing nowadays, or can you pass this specific stock?

If you’re into investing and forecasting in this volatile and dynamic stock market, let’s start explaining what boil etf stock represents before getting to all the news and predictions, shall we?

What is Boil stock all about? 

The BOIL ETF operates as a leveraged fund, aiming to double the daily investment outcomes of its underlying benchmark. In simple terms, when the closing price of natural gas rises by 1%, this ETF endeavours to increase by twice that amount. 

Conversely, if natural gas prices decrease by 1%, the ETF is structured to decline by double that rate. It’s crucial to monitor the performance of this natural gas ETF, as recent indications suggest potential negative impacts, potentially resulting in investors losing money in the short term. 

Currently, the BOIL ETF is signalling sell signals from both short and long-term Moving Averages, implying a more pessimistic outlook for the stock. Investors considering their options may want to weigh whether it’s a strong buy or not, considering these factors.

What is the goal behind this fund?

The fund endeavours to achieve its investment goal by investing in futures contracts related to Natural Gas.

What represents the BOIL ETF strategy?

The strategy of the BOIL ETF revolves around closely following the daily performance of the Bloomberg Natural Gas Subindex. 

Through investments in natural gas futures contracts, this ETF offers investors amplified exposure, striving to deliver, aiming to provide twice the daily returns of the underlying index.

How to safely invest in this stock?

To purchase the BOIL ETF on Public, follow these simple steps:

Sign up for a brokerage account on Public. It’s quick and straightforward to begin.
Deposit funds into your Public account.
Decide how much you want to invest in the BOIL ETF.
Keep track of and manage your investments all in one convenient location.

What is the Boil stock price and other statistics at the moment?

Now that you’ve got all the basic information about this stock let’s get all the crucial statistics, starting from its current price, shall we?

Boil stock price today per share: $13.73 (-0.580 (-4.05%))
Market Cap: $559.721M
Volume: 11.03M
ATR14 (Average True Range over 14 days): $1.84 (13.37%)
Beta: 5.62
P/E Ratio: N/A
Dividend Rate: N/A
Next Dividend Date: N/A
Next Earnings Date: N/A
Stop-loss: N/A

BOIL ETF: Strong Sell Candidate with Weakened Technical Forecast

The BOIL ETF is encountering a notable downturn, being designated as a Strong Sell Candidate, indicating a weakened technical outlook. 

This downgrade took effect on February 20, 2024, with the ETF previously identified as a Sell candidate since January 16, 2024, marking a considerable loss of -55.92%.

On the latest trading day, February 20, 2024, the BOIL ETF saw a significant decline of -4.05%, as its price fell from $14.31 to $13.73. It fluctuated by 4.46% throughout the trading session, ranging from a low of $13.46 to a high of $14.06. 

Investors considering buying or selling exchange-traded funds for liquefied natural gas should carefully analyze these trends.

Recent Performance and Volume Analysis

Over the past 10 days, the ETF has witnessed a downward trend in 8, accumulating a total decline of -38.13%. 

While trading volume decreased in tandem with the ETF on the last day, suggesting a potentially positive signal, 11 million shares were exchanged, amounting to approximately $151.44 million.

Short-Term Outlook

Currently, the ETF finds itself entrenched within a broad and descending trend in the short term, indicating a probable further decline within this trajectory. Based on the prevailing short-term trend, it is expected to decrease by approximately -40.72% over the next 3 months. 

There is a 90% probability that its price will range between $5.34 and $17.16 after these 3 months.

BOIL Signals & Forecast

Despite a buy signal from the 3-month Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), negative signals could impact short-term trends. The BOIL ETF shows sell signals from short- and long-term Moving Averages, leading to a more pessimistic outlook. 

Additionally, please note that a general sell signal arises from the relation between the two signals, with resistance expected at $14.91 and $25.06. 

A recent sell signal resulted in a significant decline, and a further downturn is anticipated until a new bottom pivot is established. Volume decreased alongside market price, mitigating overall risk.

Support, Risk & Stop-loss for BOIL ETF

No support exists from the accumulated volume below today, indicating potential poor performance ahead. This ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Natural Gas ETF exhibits high volatility, with a wide prediction interval from the Bollinger Band, classifying it as “very high risk”. 

On the last day, the ETF price fluctuated by $0.600 between its highest and lowest points, representing a change of 4.46%. Its daily average volatility has been recorded at 5.95% throughout the past week. 

RSI14 indicates that the BOIL ETF is oversold (16), which could increase the overall risk, although it’s worth noting that certain ETFs may undergo extended declines before reversing their trend.

Our recommended stop-loss:

Given our negative evaluation, no stop-loss is set.

Bottom line

Get all you need to know here! The BOIL ETF faces challenges, marked as a Strong Sell Candidate with a weakened technical forecast. Short-term predictions suggest further decline, urging caution. 

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