Haley says US will have ‘female president’ — either herself or Kamala Harris

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley says that there is going to be a female president soon — either herself or Vice President Kamala Harris.

Haley made the remarks during a Thursday interview on CNN with anchor Jake Tapper.

‘Donald Trump will not win the general election,’ Haley told Tapper. ‘You can have him win any primary you want, he will not win a general election.’

‘We will have a female President of the United States, it will either be me or it will be [Vice President Kamala] Harris.’

Haley’s comments seem to indicate she believes President Biden will either not stand for re-election or will not be able to complete his term, turning the Oval Office over to Harris.

Haley, who is trailing Trump significantly in her home state of South Carolina, has not yet won a Republican primary. 

Regardless, the former U.N. ambassador asserts that she is the only viable candidate in the general election.

‘If Donald Trump is the nominee, you can mark my words, he will not win a general election,’ Haley said in the interview.

Haley has repeatedly pledged to stay in the Republican presidential nomination race at least through March 5, when 15 states hold contests on Super Tuesday.

She faces an extremely steep uphill climb to win the nomination against the former president, who remains the commanding frontrunner in the GOP race as he bids a third straight time for the White House.

‘We are focused on every state before us. Now it’s South Carolina on Saturday. Then it will be Michigan, then it will be Super Tuesday states, and we’ll take it from there,’ Haley told Fox News Digital interview on Wednesday.

Fox News Digital’s Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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