Forgotten Playland ICO Is Active: $250K Goal in 2024 Launch

Forgotten Playland ICO Is Active: $250K Goal in 2024 Launch


Quick Look:

Forgotten Playland, a new free-to-play online party game, is set for release in the first quarter of 2024.
Currently undergoing an ICO sale from February 14th to 20th, aiming to raise $250,000.
Developed by Vermilion Studios, backed by industry giants like Merit Circle and Spartan Group.
Unique features include a Social Hub, Customization Station, and various thematic areas.
High interest and ratings from ICO Drops, signaling a promising investment opportunity.

Forgotten Playland is on the brink of revolutionizing online party games. Set for launch in early 2024, this exciting venture by Vermilion Studios started as a spark of creativity in March 2023. The Merit Circle founders and a group of experienced game developers created this project and it quickly came to life. By May, a first playable version dazzled attendees at the Merit Circle DAO’s event in Amsterdam. Now, over 25 dedicated individuals are working tirelessly to bring this game to fruition.

$9.75M Raised for $10M ICO Target

ICO sale is a very important part of new ventures, as it enables creators to secure funds for project development. This team also launched the sale on February 14, 2024. It will end on February 20, 2024, though. The ERC20 FP Token, trading at a mere $0.004, is part of a strategic plan to raise $250,000. With a total of 10 billion tokens, 25% are up for grabs during the sale. Impressively, the initiative has already secured $9.75 million of its $10 million goal, backed by major players including Merit Circle and Spartan Group. This overwhelming support underscores the community’s faith in Forgotten Playland and its utility-driven FP Token.

Novel Social & Custom Game Features

Forgotten Playland stands out among other similar games with a vibrant world teeming with player interaction, customization, and competitive minigames like Bump-A-Ball and Jungle Rumble. The game also introduces a novel experience with its Social Hub, a dynamic meeting place for players, and the Customization Station, where players can personalize their Plushies. Meanwhile, thematic areas such as Space Disco and Beach Bar add layers of engagement and discovery.

The vision behind “Forgotten Playland” is clear: to redefine the social party game genre. With ongoing development and talent attraction, combined with strong backer support, the game seems poised to offer a unique, engaging experience for players worldwide.

High Interest & Ratings by ICO Drops

The excitement surrounding Forgotten Playland is palpable, with high ratings in hype, risk, and return on investment. Several ICO listing platforms have marked the game as a high-interest project, reflecting the community’s anticipation and confidence in its success. This enthusiasm mirrors the game’s promise to deliver an unparalleled social gaming experience.

As Forgotten Playland navigates through its active ICO sale and development phases, the gaming community watches with bated breath. With its innovative features, strong backing, and clear vision, this game is on track to become a staple in the world of online party gaming.

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