Top Forex traders on Instagram you should follow

Top Forex traders on Instagram you should follow

Nowadays, forex brokers and trading apps you can find on app stores and play store have greatly transformed forex trading. Social media has also played a significant role in this transformation. Instagram has become a key place for forex traders to share all sorts of tips and knowledge, including live trading and helpful advice. But what are top forex traders on Instagram these days? That’s what you will find out in this article.

Key Takeaways

Influential and reliable forex traders on Instagram offer various content, from educational material to live trading advice.
Traders such as Quillan “Cue” Black, Austin Silver, and others, provide expertise in different areas, including technical analysis, trading psychology, and specific markets like currency pairs and stocks.
When following forex traders on Instagram, look for educational value, proven track records, innovative approaches, and community engagement.

As you look at different Instagram accounts, it’s hard to tell the difference between educational and entertaining content. Forex traders on Instagram share inspirational quotes, stories of becoming millionaires, and trading signals in real time.

So we have gathered a comprehensive list of the most influential and reliable Forex traders on Instagram. Let’s get started.

The list of the best Forex traders on Instagram

Quillan “Cue” Black – @cuebanks

Source: facebook.com

Followers: 459k

Markets: Multiple Currency Pairs

Expertise: Veteran day trader with over 8 years of experience, founder of Toptier Traders and Involio.

Austin Silver – @austinsilverfx

Source: twitter.com

Followers: 127k

Markets: Multiple Currency Pairs

Expertise: Specializes in technical analysis, trading tips and trading education.

Alan Edward – @traderdivergent

Source: twitter.com

Followers: 108k

Markets: Currency Pairs

Expertise: Expert in trading psychology and market behavior.

Iliya Sivkov – @tradingfanatic

Source: nl.linkedin.com

Followers: 106k

Markets: Currency Pairs and Stocks

Expertise: Provides general trading education, Trading strategies and market insights.

Hannah Forex – @hannahforex

Source: twitter.com

Followers: 84.5k

Markets: Multiple Currency Pairs

Expertise: Implements ICT Methodology in her trading strategy.

Riz Iqbal – @wordsofrizdom

Source: twitter.com

Followers: 74k

Markets: Currency Pairs

Expertise: Engages followers through podcasting and insightful market discussions.

Scott Taylor – @scotttaylorfx

Source: youtube

Followers: 60.7k

Markets: EURUSD

Expertise: Delivers technical analysis with a focus on the EURUSD pair.Market trends analysis.

Ali Ahmed – @Allitrades

Source: intagram.com

Followers: 54.8k

Markets: Multiple Currency Pairs

Expertise: Shares technical analysis strategies and trading insights.

Abdullah Rasheed – @Profitxabdullah

Source: youtube

Followers: 41.8k

Markets: US30

Expertise: Six-figure funded trader specializing in the US30 and mentoring. Kind of a millionaire mentor, Smart Money Concepts

Guy Levy – @marketscoach

Source: instagram.com

Followers: 42.8k

Markets: Currency Pairs

Expertise: Focuses on the psychological aspects of trading.

Umar Ashraf – @UmarAshraf

Source: youtube.com

Followers: 325k

Markets: Forex and Stocks

Expertise: Experienced day trader and founder of Tradezella, known for his engaging speaking events.

Mark Hutchinson – @hutchinsonmark

Followers: 98k

Markets: Multiple Currency Pairs

Expertise: Leads Falcon Trading Guidance and Rewired, fostering a disciplined trading community. Tips on risk management in trading.

Top Forex traders on Instagram – selection criteria

Instagram has become a popular platform for forex traders to share their insights, trades, and lifestyle. However, be cautious when seeking financial advice on social media. 

Some individuals may lack the necessary qualifications or trustworthiness, even if they claim to possess them. It is important to be aware that their statements about their qualifications or experience may not be accurate. 

It’s important to follow traders who teach things clearly, show their real results, and don’t make promises about sure-fire profits.

When you gonna Identify top Forex traders to follow on Instagram, consider the following criteria:

Evaluate the trader’s level of knowledge and experience in the field of forex trading. Look for traders who have a proven track record of achieving significant success in their trading forex activities.

Consider whether the trader offers unique perspectives, strategies, or tools that differentiate them from others in the industry.

Verify if the trader actively interacts with their followers, addressing inquiries and fostering a sense of community. 
Check if a trader entrepreneurs on Instagram also have Live trading updates, podcasting in forex etc.

Why Are There So Many Forex Traders On Instagram?

Most Forex traders on Instagram look for people to trade for. But you must be cautious! Many of them are simply scammers! Hence the need to make sure you are dealing with a real person. Also, you shouldn’t ever send funds to anyone’s account to trade for you. Instead, you can put money in the brokerage account, and your chosen trader can trade from that account.

Are Traders on Instagram Legit?

Most of them are scammers unfortunately. Now that you know that, be very cautious and do your own research before trusting traders on social media. And don’t send your money to strangers. 

In Conclusion

When selecting top Forex traders to follow on Instagram, one should prioritize those who demonstrate a history of success and maintain active community interaction.The world is moving faster and faster, and so is information. This is why it is important to be connected, to stay informed. Social media like Instagram can be beneficial in gaining insight from the trading world. Be careful, however, to verify the veracity of the social media accounts, and not to fall for fake traders and mentors. Don’t hesitate to cross-reference your sources and form your own idea.

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