What are Forex Station and its alternatives?

What are Forex Station and its alternatives?

Forex station is one of the largest and most popular trading communities. On this platform, you can find all sorts of trading indicators. On this website, traders can share indicators, expert advisors, and trading strategies.

Let’s take a closer look at the platform and see why it is so popular.

What is a Forex Station?

The journey of Forex-station.com commenced in 2016 when a previous banker involved in investments and trading bonds for UBS collaborated with a team of Spot FX traders and programmers to initiate a small trading website on the internet.

At that time, the website, formerly known as Forex-TSD, served as their meeting place. Forex-TSD was their second home, but unfortunately, it was on the verge of shutting down. Facing an uncertain future, they made the decision to carry on the legacy of Forex-TSD by establishing Forex Station.

Forex-TSD was a forum and online community focused on technical analysis and trading systems development. 

Numerous members of Forex-TSD showed their support for the concept and actively participated in the development of the Forex Station. Hundreds of Forex-TSD’s members were supportive of the idea and joined in to contribute in the making of Forex Station. 

Renowned figures within the Forex-TSD community, such as Xard, Mrtools, and Mladen, brought their extensive knowledge and actively participated in establishing the platform. 

Even now, the original members of Forex-TSD who contributed to the creation of Forex Station persist in providing their expertise, coding skills, management, and valuable insights to traders on the Forex Station forum, all without charge.

What is so unique about Forex-station.com?

The forum provides one of the largest open libraries of free Forex indicators, EAs, and scripts, as well as the finest charting tools. In addition, they create the majority of content themselves in-house.

The team behind the platform takes great satisfaction in being experts in the profession at Forex-station.com, and the community of traders and programmers is close-knit and approachable. The committed staff at Forex-station.com will go above and beyond to assist everyone.

What are the alternatives?

Here are some well-known Forex trading forums and online communities:

Forex Factory

Forex Factory is one of the largest online Forex trading forums. It provides a platform for traders to discuss Forex-related topics, share trading ideas, and access economic calendars and market news.

Website: www.forexfactory.com


BabyPips is a popular educational website that offers a comprehensive Forex trading course for beginners. Their forum allows traders of all levels to interact, share knowledge, and discuss trading strategies.

Website: www.babypips.com

DailyFX Forum

DailyFX is a part of IG Group and offers Forex news, analysis, and educational content. Its forum allows traders to discuss various Forex-related topics. Forex Station’s goal is to be your go-to destination for Forex technical indicators, EA’s & scripts. The platform offers top-notch trading resources and creates an inclusive and amiable community for traders worldwide. Signing up is hassle-free, allowing you to start reaping the benefits immediately.and share trading ideas.

Website: www.dailyfx.com/forex_forum

In Conclusion 

If you want to share your knowledge regarding technical trading indicators, Forex station is a place for you. Also, if you are just learning about the indicators, you will find a bunch of hints regarding Forex trading here. The mission at Forex Station is to become your one-stop shop for Forex technical indicators, EA’s & scripts. The community serves you with the world’s best trading content and provides everyone with a welcoming and friendly trading community to unite all traders. The registration is simple so you can start benefiting from it as of today.

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