SeaPad ICO (SPT): Empowering Innovation of Blockchains!

SeaPad ICO (SPT): Empowering Innovation of Blockchains!

SeaPad ICO is attracting investors’ attention due to its high-rated token. The platform is a fair, innovative, and trusted launchpad platform, making use of new emerging blockchain platforms like Sui, Sei, Arbitrum, zkSync, and more. With a mission to accelerate creative ideas and bring projects to life, this company stands out with two primary objectives that benefit both projects and users.

Empowering Projects for Long-Term Success

SeaPad takes pride in providing long-term support for projects beyond fundraising. Moreover, from ideation to post-launch and ongoing operations, it ensures that projects built on new networks receive the assistance they need to thrive. This commitment to supporting projects throughout their lifecycle sets SeaPad apart from traditional launchpad platforms.

Inclusive Access for Users and Investors

Eliminating barriers to accessing project investments, SeaPad caters to both Web3 and Web2 users. Besides, it offers stable, long-term revenue and benefits for all participants. Thus, SeaPad creates an inclusive environment that fosters growth and engagement. It also allows users to seamlessly access DeFi functions such as swapping tokens (Dex). Moreover, customers can stake tokens, market tools, use on-chain referential mechanisms, and DAO governance. And all of these are available within a single platform.

Seamless Integration for Convenience

A key advantage of SeaPad is its integration of DeFi functions within its platform. The company ensures that users do not need to move to other platforms for different activities. This seamless user experience adds convenience and efficiency to the investment process for both project makers and investors. The latter further enhances the appeal of the platform.

SeaPad: Addressing Challenges for New Projects

Recognizing the challenges faced by projects seeking funding on existing launchpads that have yet to integrate emerging blockchains, SeaPad offers a Claim Portal. This portal enables projects created on new blockchains to raise money via any launchpad. This approach allows users to participate in the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) as usual, and when it’s time to claim their tokens, they can conveniently access SeaPad’s Claim Portal.

Ongoing SPT ICO Sale Details

As part of the SeaPad ICO, the sale of SPT tokens is taking place from 31st July to 3rd August 2023. The SPT token is the digital token native to the SeaPad platform. With an ICO token price of 1 SPT = 0.05 USD and a fundraising goal of $600,000, the total number of tokens available makes up 38% of the total supply (100,000,000 tokens).

Overall, the SeaPad ICO is setting the standard for innovation and inclusivity in the world of emerging blockchains. With its focus on long-term project support and seamless integration of DeFi functions, this company is revolutionizing the launchpad landscape. Investors and users can easily participate, enjoying the benefits of a convenient and robust platform that promises to empower creative ideas and drive the growth of new blockchain projects.

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