Kinesis ICO Is in The Spotlight. Why’s That?

Kinesis ICO Is in The Spotlight. Why’s That?

Kinesis is a groundbreaking project aiming to revolutionize the world of digital currency through its upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO). At the heart of this innovative endeavor lies the KVT token, which plays a vital role in Kinesis’ comprehensive monetary system. Let’s delve into the project’s key features and the promising potential of the KVT token.

The Vision for Kinesis and Its Monetary System

Kinesis envisions a revolutionary step beyond the current monetary and banking systems. By digitalizing gold and silver, the company facilitates everyday business and personal transactions. At the same time, it offers liquidity on bullion holdings. Additionally, participants can earn a passive yield on their everyday money through the platform.

The Advantageous Position of the Project in the Precious Metals Market

Kinesis holds a distinct advantage in the precious metals market, backed by its significant experience and technology development. Moreover, the project comes at a time when gold has outperformed many global equity markets and currencies, sparking renewed interest in the precious metal. With the next wave of cryptocurrency evolution focused on stablecoins, Kinesis is well-positioned to lead this movement.

Introducing the KVT Token

At the core of Kinesis’ monetary system is the native digital token, KVT. This is a yield-bearing digital currency, and as such, allocated physical gold and silver backs KVT. The token offers a unique yield system, incentivizing adoption and use among participants. With each transfer between holders, the company collects a 0.45% fee and distributes these funds monthly as a ‘yield’ to KVT holders, guaranteeing a non-debt-based yield—a first in the world of allocated gold ownership.

The Comprehensive Kinesis Monetary System

The Kinesis Monetary System comprises three essential components. Firstly, users can send and receive the Kinesis currencies, including the KAG and KAU, via the Kinesis eWallet. Secondly, the Kinesis Blockchain Exchange (KBE) provides liquidity for Kinesis currencies and other cryptocurrencies. Finally, the Kinesis debit card allows for instant conversion of KAG and KAU into fiat currency anywhere that accepts Visa/Mastercard. Thus, the company also offers convenience and usability for users.

The Strong Team Behind Kinesis

The Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) founded Kinesis. The latter is a leading online institutional exchange for trading physical gold. Leveraging its extensive infrastructure and operational technology for bullion trade and storage in 7 global locations, ABX brings deep expertise in the gold industry to the Kinesis project. This wealth of experience and knowledge bolsters Kinesis’ offering in the digital token arena.

The Exciting Potential of the Project

With the upcoming ICO, Kinesis is set to introduce the KVT token to a market eagerly seeking innovative digital tokens. Furthermore, as a yield-bearing digital currency backed by physical gold and silver, the KVT token holds immense promise for investors and users alike. Its unique features, including the non-debt-based yield, have garnered significant interest from the $15 trillion gold trading industry.

The Kinesis ICO represents a promising opportunity for investors to participate in a revolutionary digital currency project. With the KVT token at its core, Kinesis offers a comprehensive monetary system that blends the stability of precious metals with the convenience of blockchain technology. As the project continues to gain momentum, the KVT token stands poised to lead the next wave of cryptocurrency evolution. It also offers a compelling alternative in the rapidly evolving digital token landscape.

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