What are First Class Forex Funds? 

What are First Class Forex Funds? 

Have you heard of the first class Forex funds brokerage platform? In this article will examine this broker’s attributes from a variety of angles, giving you clear and organized information. Continue reading this first class forex funds review if you’re interested. To help you quickly grasp the qualities of the broker, we will also provide a succinct conclusion at the end of the article.

What are First Class Forex Funds?

First Class Forex Funds, which bases its trading on real market time, price, and volume. The broker focuses on Forex trading. It’s a US-based company which apparently isn’t regulated yet.

First Class Forex Funds Main Features

Account Types

There are two account types you will find on this platform. These are 1-Step Assessment and 2-Step Assessment accounts. Each account comes with different requirements regarding maximum loss limit, profit share, minimum trading days, payment process etc. The minimum payout amount is $75. Some accounts are placed in compliance verifications which can take five to ten business days. You will find detailed information on their official website https://firstclassforexfunds.co. 


This broker offers leverage of 1:100. It means that for each dollar on your account, you can actually trade up to $100. However, newbies should be aware of the risk of high leverage and use it with moderation. 

Trading platforms

First Class Forex Fund brokerage platform offers MT4 and MT4 demos enabling the clients to learn the ropes of trading, test strategies and get the experience. MT4 and MT5 are the most popular and most reliable platforms on the market many other brokers use. You can access the trading dashboard from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It provides convenience and flexibility for all users. 

Deposits and withdrawals

You can withdraw your profits and make deposits using debit and credit cards as well as cryptocurrencies. When using cryptos, it’s critical to select the right network for your cryptocurrency to avoid any adversities. 

Customer service

In case you have any issues you can first refer to their FAQ page. It provides solutions for common problems the clients may experience. In case you don’t find the answer, you can send them a message via chat. Their support is available from Sunday to Monday, 9:00 AM EST to 4:00 PM EST.


Demo accounts available • No valid regulations
Supported MT4/5 demo platforms • Regional restrictions
Limited website information
Lack of transparency
Online messaging support only


According to the information given, First Class Forex Funds does not currently operate under legal regulations, which raises questions about the company’s security and reliability. Regulation is a crucial component of a trustworthy forex broker.

In Conclusion – Is First Class Forex Funds Good Broker

First Class Forex Funds refers to a type of forex fund that claims to base its trading on real market time, price, and volume. However, it is important to note that First Class Forex Funds is an unlicensed broker, meaning it does not currently operate under legal regulations. This lack of regulation raises concerns about the company’s security and reliability.

Despite the absence of valid regulations, First Class Forex Funds offers demo accounts through MT4 and MT5 platforms. These demo accounts provide users with the opportunity to try out the broker’s services before committing to a live trading account. The company offers two types of trial accounts: a 1-step trial account and a 2-step trial account, both of which come with leverage of up to 1:100.

Some of the advantages include the availability of demo accounts and support for MT4/5 platforms. However, there are several disadvantages to consider, such as the lack of valid regulations, regional restrictions, limited website information, lack of transparency, and the availability of only online messaging support.

It is important to thoroughly research and consider the risks associated with unlicensed brokers before engaging in any financial transactions. Regulation is a crucial component of a trustworthy forex broker, as it provides a level of oversight and protection for investors.


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