Sen. Cotton grills Secret Service on whether White House cocaine culprit will be arrested

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., pressed the Secret Service on unanswered questions regarding the cocaine discovered in the White House and whether any arrests will be made. 

A powdery substance was found inside the West Wing of the White House by a member of the Secret Service, prompting an evacuation of the building.

The Secret Service confirmed with Fox News Wednesday that the mysterious white powder tested positive for cocaine. Now, Sen. Cotton is demanding answers.

‘According to public records, the Secret Service has not yet confirmed where in the West Wing the cocaine was found. I urge you to release that information quickly, as the American people deserve to know whether illicit drugs were found in an area where confidential information is exchanged,’ Cotton wrote in a letter to the Secret Service Wednesday.

‘If the White House complex is not secure, Congress needs to know the details, as well as your plan to correct any flaws,’ the Republican senator said, demanding a list be provided of every individual who has access to the White House without passing through a security screening.

Cotton also asked how often the Secret Service encounters illegal drugs at the White House, and if they were ever found during security screenings or in the exterior of the building.

The Senator also cited Section 3056A of Title 18, U.S. Code, that allows Secret Services members to make arrests, and asked if any will be made in the event they find out who brought the illegal drug into the White House. 

Cotton, member of the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice and Counterterrorism, gave a deadline of Friday, July 14 for the Secret Service to respond.

President Biden and his son Hunter, a recovering crack cocaine addict, were at Camp David when the drugs were found.

‘On Sunday evening, the White House complex went into a precautionary closure as officers from the Secret Service Uniformed Division investigated an unknown item found inside a work area,’ the U.S. Secret Service told Fox News Digital. ‘The DC Fire Department was called to evaluate and quickly determined the item to be non-hazardous.’

Fox News Patrick Hauf and Mark Meredith contributed to this report.

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