GaloBank (GALO) ICO Promises to Change the Financial World

GaloBank (GALO) ICO Promises to Change the Financial World

The GaloBank ICO offers customers a new aspect of the financial world. A whole tornado of events has been changing how the financial world functions for a while now. This process started from 2008 onwards, with the massive worldwide financial crisis. One of the main stars has been the rise of fintech, which filled the void left by previously very poor financial services. The other would be the emergence of Bitcoin and, therefore, the advance of blockchain technology in general. We, therefore, see a world of finance which is more reliant on digital technology than ever before, even with an alternative to FIAT currency.

The GaloBank project aims to bridge the evident gap that has appeared here. These two complementary worlds could easily be connected with a little bit of effort. GaloBank wants to give crypto users easy access to the mainstream FIAT world and vice versa. Often people have been hesitant to use crypto due to issues over financial safety. With the use of regular auditing, GaloBank hopes to reduce such anxieties, as this method has proven to improve the security of customers’ finances. They will therefore have the right regulators onboard, specialising in crypto and DeFi.

As such, the GaloBank service will be a purely online digital service accessible on personal computers and mobiles. This gives them the flexibility to have 24-hour service, giving their customers the best service they possibly can. Each customer will have their own individual IBAN account linked directly with their crypto wallet.

The Uses of GaloBank’s ICO Token

The GALO token will be the main cryptocurrency on the platform, with which customers can pay for transactions on their Exchange. There are significant benefits to using their personal token. For one, those commissioning with the GALO currency on the platform can have it for 25% off. Using GALO will also give users access to educational programs on finance that GaloBank plans to offer. Most obviously, it can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies on their network. Real-world businesses will also be able to trade in this cryptocurrency as well. Therefore the range of benefits is quite evident. They will also have access to a wide range of FIAT currencies.

The GALO ICO period will last from the 30th of May 2023, to the 30th of September 2023. That means there is still plenty of time to think about investing in this new prospect. The total supply of the GALO token is 5,000,000,000, of which 5% (250,000,000) is available for purchase, so there is plenty to go around. Each token is worth 0.20 USD, for which they will accept the equivalent in ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT, and USDC. They have even gone as far as to create their own brand new platform, the EVM GALO network, so you know they are dedicated.

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