BIDSHOP ICO: Transforming NFT Auctions and DeFi on Polygon

BIDSHOP ICO: Transforming NFT Auctions and DeFi on Polygon


BIDSHOP, the revolutionary Gamified Auction House for NFTs and DeFi, is poised to reshape the landscape of digital asset liquidity. With its unique approach and innovative features, BIDSHOP aims to create new possibilities for generating liquidity for all web3 assets. This is the first fully privatized on-chain Auction House built on the Polygon Network, and it plans to revolutionize how users buy, sell, and trade NFTs and digital tokens.


Introducing BIDSHOP and its ICO Sale

Excitement is brewing in the blockchain community as BIDSHOP prepares for its highly anticipated Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale. The team scheduled it from June 29 to June 30, 2023. The native token, BIDS, will play a vital role in the BIDSHOP ecosystem. It will also enable seamless transactions and incentivize active participation within the platform.

Moreover, 1 BIDS will be trading for 0.025 USD during the ICO sale only. The project’s fundraising goal is $250,000. However, only 7.08% will be available for the Token Sale from a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens.


The Innovative Potential of BIDSHOP

BIDSHOP introduces a gamified approach to auctions, empowering both crypto protocols and individuals to generate liquidity for a wide range of web3 assets. Besides, it will incorporate a Privacy-as-a-Service encryption layer on top of any EVM network. As a result, BIDSHOP will open up new avenues for secure and private transactions.

The combination of privacy features and innovative auction mechanisms makes BIDSHOP a promising platform for generating liquidity. In addition, it offers various auction products to cater to different needs and preferences. Thus, the company will ensure a dynamic and inclusive marketplace for buyers and sellers.


Exploring BIDSHOP’s Auction Products

Initial Bid Offering: This groundbreaking auction mechanism, known as the “Highest unique offer auction,” enables bidders to compete for Non-Fungible or Fungible assets. And they will be able to pay nominal Bid Fees for each bid placed in the process. It provides a thrilling experience while maintaining fairness and transparency.
Silent NFT Auctions: Sellers can leverage the power of closed auctions by setting a secret minimum price for their non-floor NFTs. Buyers then compete to secure these highly sought-after assets, resulting in the highest possible price for in-demand items.
Fair NFT Mint Auction: BIDSHOP introduces a novel secret bidding mechanism. It allows future NFT holders to determine the true fair mint value. By launching an NFT Mint at market valuation, creators can bootstrap their community while ensuring fair participation.
Fair Launch IDO Auction: In this auction, the company provides a fair and transparent platform for launching fungible tokens. The auction not only establishes a genuine market price but also offers anti-bot protection. Thus, it promotes a level playing field for all participants.
Debt Auction: BIDSHOP goes beyond NFTs and extends its reach into the DeFi space. With the Debt Auction feature, users can sell their DeFi debt positions, offering competitive pricing on IOUs.


What makes this platform stand out?

BIDSHOP ICO presents a remarkable opportunity for investors, collectors, and blockchain enthusiasts to be part of a groundbreaking project. With its innovative approach to NFT auctions and DeFi liquidity, this project is poised to disrupt the digital asset landscape.

Through its privacy-focused infrastructure, gamified auction mechanisms, and diverse auction products, BIDSHOP aims to unlock the true potential of web3 assets. As the first fully privatized on-chain Auction House on the Polygon Network, it also is a project that promises to redefine the way we buy, sell, and trade digital tokens and NFTs.


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