Swivel Finance ICO: Comfortable Fixed-Rate Lending

Swivel Finance ICO: Comfortable Fixed-Rate Lending and Interest-Rate Derivatives

Swivel Finance ICO is set to transform the landscape of decentralized finance. It offers an innovative protocol for fixed-rate lending and interest-rate derivatives. With concerns surrounding existing protocols like Compound and Aave gradually fading away, Swivel Finance aims to address the lingering volatility in DeFi rates. Moreover, this project will enable wider market participation and effective portfolio management.  Let’s explore how Swivel Finance is poised to revolutionize the industry.

Tokenizing Cash-Flows: Yield Tokenization

At the heart of Swivel Finance lies the groundbreaking concept of cash flow-tokenization, also known as Yield Tokenization. Swivel empowers lenders by allowing them to split an interest-generating token into two separate cash-flow tokens, each serving a distinct purpose. Furthermore, the first token, called nTokens, represents the future yield generated. Meanwhile, the second token, known as zcTokens, represents ownership of an underlying token redeemable at a future date. This flexible architecture opens up a myriad of possibilities. And the latter includes fixed-yield lending, yield boosting, and the foundation for options and futures markets.

Enhancing Trading Experience: Professional Interface

Swivel Finance provides a professional trading interface, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience. Investors can easily purchase nTokens at the best available price by placing a market order for their desired premium. Alternatively, they can choose to place limit orders, specifying the price and premium they are willing to pay for nTokens. What sets Swivel apart is the ability to place limit orders for free without incurring any on-chain transaction fees. This user-friendly approach encourages market participation and facilitates precise trading strategies.

Unlocking Liquidity: Selling zcTokens

For users looking to sell their zcTokens, Swivel Finance offers both markets and limit order options. Besides, market orders enable immediate selling of zcTokens at the best available price. On the other hand, limit orders allow users to set a specific price for their zcTokens. Importantly, users can place limit orders without incurring any on-chain transaction fees, providing a cost-effective solution for liquidity needs.

What About The Swivel Finance ICO Sale?

The Swivel Finance ICO sale hasn’t started yet, but it’s just around the corner. This presents a unique opportunity to support and participate in a project that aims to revolutionize fixed-rate lending and interest-rate derivatives. By acquiring Swivel Finance tokens during the ICO sale, investors not only gain a stake in the platform’s success but also contribute to the growth and development of the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Moreover, Swivel Finance is making significant strides in the world of decentralized finance by introducing a pioneering protocol for fixed-rate lending and interest-rate derivatives. With its focus on tokenizing cash flows, professional trading interface, and efficient liquidity mechanisms, Swivel Finance empowers users and encourages wider market participation. As the ICO sale approaches, now is the time for digital token enthusiasts and investors to seize the opportunity and be a part of the Swivel Finance revolution.

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