BladeDAO ICO (BLADE): Unleashing the Fun of Gaming

BladeDAO ICO (BLADE): Unleashing the Fun of Gaming

BladeDAO is here to take the gaming world by storm with its decentralized gaming ecosystem built on the zkSync Era. The company plans to release multiple game IPs to create a truly comprehensive gaming universe. And guess what? It will first unleash the thrilling Legends of Valoria (LoV). Let’s see what makes this game stand out among the other similar ones.

Get Your Blades Ready for the Genesis DegenBook Adventure

During the epic clash at the Shattered Citadel in Valoria, the formidable DegenBook was employed to imprison the fearsome demon lord, Mephistar the Ender, and the mysterious Grand Sorcerer, Magnus. However, fate had different plans, as Mephistar grew more powerful and shattered the seal, plunging Valoria into chaos once more.

As a player, the fate rests in your hands to acquire one of the 2,000 fragmented fragments of the revered Genesis DegenBook (NFTs) and summon two randomized units: Paladins, Bandits, or Demons. With these units by your side, you’ll unlock entry to Valoria, where an arduous quest awaits in pursuit of the elusive Seal of Infinite Seclusion. By vanquishing Mephistar the Ender, you can seize the coveted Abyssal Blade, the ultimate weapon, and brace yourself for the impending confrontation with Magnus.

Holders of the genesis DegenBook NFT will be in for a treat, as they can unlock various benefits across the BladeDAO ecosystem. From gaining access to the upcoming $BLADE IDO and early loot and unit releases in Legends of Valoria (LoV) to staking demon grimoires for governance tokens and enjoying early access and rewards in future game releases, the perks are endless. And hey, the team will announce more benefits soon, so stay tuned, anonymous adventurer!

Legends of Valoria (LoV): Enter the Dungeon, Embrace the Adventure

BLADEDAO’s highly anticipated dungeon game, Legends of Valoria (LoV), is set to launch this June 2023 on zkSync. Get ready for an immersive gaming experience powered by zero-knowledge technology and homomorphic encryptions. Here you can test your skills and face off against opponents in thrilling dungeons.

As a player, you’ll embark on daring quests, battle fierce foes, and monsters, and hunt for hidden treasures in exciting PvE encounters. Besides, BladeDAO’s native token, available as ICO, BLADE, will give users additional benefits. Players can get them as rewards for finishing various tasks.

The BladeDAO launched the token’s ICO sale on May 19, 2023, and it will end on May 24, 2023. 1 BLADE is trading for 0.0008333 ETH currently, but the token’s value will likely increase over time.

Welcome to Valoria: A Land of Chaos and Ambition

The mystical continent of Valoria was born out of the Great Battle at the Shattered Citadel, where the formidable demon lord, Mephistar the Ender, clashed with the enigmatic Grand Sorcerer, Magnus. After the battle, Valoria became a place where everyone relentlessly pursued their own interests, seeking treasure and power. It’s a realm without rules, morals, or ethics, where only the strong-willed and resilient can rise to the top.

Currently, Valoria is divided among three factions: Demons, Paladins, and Bandits. These characters act as mercenaries waiting for players like you to requite them. Keep in mind, though, that these factions may have their own agendas and can defect if the incentives align with their interests. It’s a world where survival depends on your ability to navigate treacherous waters and forge your path to greatness.

So, grab your blades, prepare for adventure, and get ready to conquer the exciting realms of BladeDAO.

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